Liber Usualis 1963 & 1952 (Latin Chant with Gregorian Notation)


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The Liber Usualis: The Complete Chant Book of the Traditional Latin Liturgy

The Liber Usualis is the definitive source for celebrating the Divine Office and the Mass according to the traditional Latin rite. We offer two versions of this essential resource for clergy, monks, nuns, choirs, and anyone interested in Latin chant.

What is the Liber Usualis?

Originally published in 1912 by the monks of Solesmes Abbey, the Liber Usualis stands as the most comprehensive collection of liturgical music and ceremonies for the traditional Latin rite. Also known as the "Solesmes Abbey Chant Book," it contains everything needed to celebrate the liturgy throughout the entire year, from daily prayers to special feast days and Holy Week.

1962 and Pre-1955 Editions

We offer both the 1962 edition of the Liber Usualis and a pre-1955 edition. The 1962 edition (published by Preserving Christian Publications) reflects Holy Week changes made in 1962. The pre-1955 version (published by St. Bonaventure Publications in , however, includes the traditional observances of Holy Week.

Whichever version you choose, the Liber Usualis offers:

  • Gregorian chants for the proper of the Mass
  • Gregorian chants for the common parts of Divine Office
  • A collection of ancient Latin hymns
  • Various Kyriale modes
  • Litanies
  • The Ordo Missae
  • Important rubrical notes
  • A general index
  • Alphabetical indexes for the various parts of the propers, antiphons, psalms, canticles, hymns, and more
  • And more!

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Customer Reviews

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Jees T.P.

Liber Usualis 1963 & 1952 (Latin Chant with Gregorian Notation)

Jon S.

Liber Usualis 1963 & 1952 (Latin Chant with Gregorian Notation)

Britta B.
Great product and service/ Liber Usualis

What a great product and service! It arrived three days ahead of expected. And I was able to use it the very next day: Sunday for singing chant with a Schola! Thanks ! Britta

Felipe P.
Wonderful edition! Excellent price and service

The Liber Usualis is a masterpiece. The editing is very well done. And the service provided by the store made me very happy and satisfied. Furthermore, the delivery of the product was very fast. I bought Liber Usualis on May 15th and it was delivered on May 22nd (and I live in Brazil!). And, along with the book also came a beautiful icon of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus.

Thank you very much, Thomas Bernadette! God bless you!


This book came highly recommended. Latin Mass Helper had the lowest price. Shipping was fast enough. I ordered early in the week and had it before the next Sunday Mass.

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