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Marian Children's Sunday Missal (Latin Mass)

Marian Children's Sunday Missal (Latin Mass)

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If you have a child aged 4-8 and are looking for a Missal suited to their capabilities, look no further. We consider this the best missal for children in this age bracket.

It includes:

  • The Ordinary of the Mass in large print English (with thirty-five color photos)
  • The readings for all Sundays and major holy days (with thirteen color illustrations)
  • Instructions on when to sit, stand, and kneel
  • Prayers for before and after Holy Communion
  • The indulgenced Prayer Before a Crucifix
  • A child's preparation for Confession
  • The prayers of the priest and responses of the laity for the Missa Recitiva (in Latin and English)

The large print, sturdy PUR construction, and color illustrations make it a great missal for children.

156 pp, 4" x 5", gold-embossed burgundy lexotone cover

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Customer Reviews

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Anthony R.
Great Children's Missal

This missal is small in size for little hands. The format is for the Tridentine Mass, yet the majority of the missal is in English to make it easier for children to read and understand. There are a lot of pictures to help the children find their place in the Mass if they have become distracted. Their is a reading for what appears to be most every Sunday in English. At the back of this Children's missal is the Latin and English responses for a dialogue Mass. This is missal is great for children attending the Latin Mass or even for adults who may be new to the Latin Mass. I wish there was a ribbon to mark the reading for the Sunday.

The binding seems to be a good glued type binding.

Disclaimer: I did request the Latin Mass Helper stock this Missal and was given a small discount on the purchase of the missal for a review.