The Traditional Latin Mass Explained


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About the Book

The spiritual vision of Dom Prosper Guéranger culminated in the primacy and centrality of the sacred liturgy, the opus Dei or work of God. He writes, “The liturgy is the highest and the holiest expression of the thought and intelligence of the Church, simply because it is carried out by the Church in direct communication with God, in confession, in prayer, and praise.” 

The Traditional Latin Mass Explained, a succinct and sublime presentation of the prayers and ceremonies of the Latin Mass, is the perfect complement to his magnum opus, The Liturgical Year. This short work delivers a surprisingly complete exposition of the theology and spirituality of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by way of commentary on the texts and gestures of the Tridentine Rite. In this way, beyond its author’s original intention, this gem of a book is capable of revealing to us anew the treasure we have always possessed in this magnificent liturgy, the tragedy of its near extinction in the period after the Second Vatican Council, and the immense blessing of its gradual return across the Catholic world. Consequently, as time goes on, we shall have not less but more and more reason to take up again the writings of Dom Guéranger, discovering in him, not a relic of the nineteenth century, but a prophet of the twenty-first.

About the Author

Prosper Louis Pascal Guéranger (1805–1875) was ordained a priest in 1827 and became Abbot of the newly-established monastery of Solesmes in 1837 at the age of 32. He became one of the leading monastics and liturgists of his generation, and his writings were highly influential both in France and abroad. He is best known today for his The Liturgical Year, a leisurely fifteen-volume tour of the feasts and seasons of the Catholic calendar, left unfinished at the time of his death but soon completed by his disciples, and still in print.

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I am so happy I received my items. The vendor actually sent me a beautiful note apologizing for the "delay" in shipping. Here, I thought it was an ok timeline. But the excuse was totally justified the "delay"... they were on their honeymoon. This just proves to me that they take pride in their work. Customer service is high on their list. May God bless you both and your marriage for many years to come. Thank you.

linda s.
3 books on latin mass

Wonderful company quick shipping very happy with my purchase will buy again

Edward S.
The Liturgical Year (15 volumes) and The traditional Latin Mass Explained

In retirement (Lutheran pastor 44 years) I have developed a heightened interest in studying the liturgy, especially the older versions. While I have always valued ritual and symbolism, I have become increasingly enamored with the riches contained in each word and gesture of ancient liturgies. I was excited when I discovered this set and ordered it from Latin Mass Helper. I have been reading a portion each day, based on the liturgical season (and day). It has been helpful and enlightening. My tradition has never focused on early church history, which I think is a mistake. Hence my interest in exploring other traditions. And, in the end, we all have roots in the Roman Catholic Church, since there was a time when it was the ONLY Church on earth.
On a more practical level, a day after ordering the books I received an e-mail from the owner of Latin Mass Helper (Thomas). He said that while preparing the books for shipping he dropped some, which scuffed the books. He said he did not want to send damaged goods, so he would gladly send me a brand new set when he received them a few days later. If I preferred he offered me a full refund. If I was willing to wait a few extra days, he would give me a discount. I was fine with waiting, and very impressed with the level of care and concern by Thomas for me as a customer. Shortly thereafter I received an impeccably packed, beautiful set of books, all in perfect condition. In the box with the books, I also received a handwritten note from Thomas's wife and co-owner, Bernadette thanking me for being their customer, offering to answer any questions I may have, and promising to pray a decade of the Rosary for me. BOTTOM LINE: The books are great, the customer service is excellent, and the personal touches and concern a gift, especially in a world where people are often dehumanized. Thank you Thomas and Bernadette and Latin Mass Helper for treating your customers like human beings. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." God bless.


Estoy muy contenta con el libro. Me va a tomar un poco mas de tiempo por la traduccion. Pero es lo que queria para asistir con mas conocimiento a la Misa en Latin.gracias.

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