Latin Mass Daily Missal
Latin Mass Daily Missal
Latin Mass Daily Missal
Latin Mass Daily Missal
Latin Mass Daily Missal
Latin Mass Daily Missal
Latin Mass Daily Missal
Latin Mass Daily Missal
Latin Mass Daily Missal
Latin Mass Daily Missal
Latin Mass Daily Missal
Latin Mass Daily Missal
Latin Mass Daily Missal
Latin Mass Daily Missal

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Missal Comparison

 Angelus Press MissalFather Lasance MissalBaronius Press MissalNew Marian MissalSt. Andrew Missal
Missal Year19621945196219581945
Size7 x 4.5 x 1.67 x 4.5 x 2.17.1 x 4.5 x 1.86.7 x 4.2 x 1.2
6.7 x 4.2 x 1.7
Weight23 lbs55 lbs62 lbs05 lbs41 lbs
Page Count19051852151214481978

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From the publisher:

We are now in our 11th printing of the first totally retypeset, 1962 Latin-English Daily Missal for the laity since Vatican II. This is the most complete missal ever produced in the English language. We have included everything in a missal that is affordable while being of the highest durability. The Roman Catholic Daily Missal will become your life-long liturgical companion at Church, at home, and on the road.

  • All new typesetting: not a photographic reproduction
  •  Clear and crisp type 
  • According to the 1962 juxta typica edition of the Missale Romanum 
  • All liturgical texts in Latin and English (both Propers and Ordinary)
  •  All readings in English (Douay-Rheims) and Latin 
  • All music in Gregorian notation
  •  Ordinary with rubrics in red 
  • Gilt edges 
  • 5 liturgically-colored ribbons 
  • Smythe Sewn, rounded back binding with durable, gold-embossed flexible cover 
  • Rounded corners on pages and cover 
  • Reinforced 80 lb. resin-impregnated endsheets for extreme durability (which will not tear like printed paper endsheets) 
  • Fully and thoroughly Indexed 
  • Printed and bound in the USA using the finest natural Bible paper

Why is this the most complete missal ever?

  • All the Masses of the Liturgical Year according to the Roman calendar of 1962 Temporal and Sanctoral Cycles and accompanying rites (Blessing of Ashes, Blessing of Palms, Chrism Mass, and the Blessing of Holy Oils, etc.)
  • Complete Holy Week Liturgy of 1962
  • Supplements containing the additional Masses for the United States and Canada
  • Feasts of particular Religious Congregations' Liturgical Calendars
  • Table of Movable Feasts updated until 2050 AD
  • Masses for the Dead (including infants) Complete Burial Service and Prayers for the Dead
  • Marriage Service
  • Special Commemorations
  • 39 Votive Mass Collects
  • 17 Votive Masses Common Masses of the Saints and the Blessed Virgin
  • Conclusions of Collects
  • Rite of Baptism
  • The Churching of Women
  • Rite of Confirmation
  • Rite of Confirmation
  • Various Blessings
  • Vespers for Sundays and Feasts
  • Compline for Sundays
  • Office of Tenebrae
  • The Itinerary or Office Before a Journey
  • Various Devotions and Prayers including favorite Litanies, the Way of the Cross, Prayers of the Rosary, etc.
  • Morning and Evening Prayers
  • Devotions for Confession
  • Litany of the Saints
  • Devotions for Communion
  • Anthems to the Blessed Virgin
  • Hymns in honor of Our Lord and Our Lady
  • An explanation of The Liturgy or Public Worship of the Catholic and Roman Church
  • A Summary of Christian Doctrine
  • Kyriale with Tones for the Most Common sets of Masses (I Lux et Origo, II Kyrie Fons Bonitatis, IV Cunctipotens Genitor Deus, VIII De Angelis, IX Cum Jubilo, XI Orbis Factor, XVII Sundays of Advent & Lent, and XVIII Deus Genitor Alme)
  • Tones for Asperges and Vidi Aquam
  • Tones for three of the most common Credos: I, III, and IV
  • Te Deum and much, much more!

1,980 pp. Sewn binding, gold-embossed skivertex cover.
Size: 6.75" x 4.25"

Customer Reviews

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Genevieve Carey

Latin Mass Daily Missal

Thank you Latin Mass Helper Store.

I received my Missal on Saint Patrick's day, which I found quite apposite. The people at the store (Thomas & Bernadette) were considerate, helpful and very nice.

John Weber
This company is a Godsend!!

Having grown up in the Traditional Catholic Church and being an altar boy from 1965-1969 I have always been faithful to the Traditional Latin Mass. I had a 1962 Missal but I came here looking for something prior to that which would precede any of the changes of Vatican II which actually caused me not to go to the Seminary after high school as planned as I will NEVER accept those changes. I ordered the Fr. Lasance 1942 Missal. I ordered it on March 14, was shipped the same day and arrived on March 17. Beautifully packaged. Even a note was included thanking me for my purchase and telling me a Rosary was said for my intentions. That meant a lot to me. Would HIGHLY recommend this company and for those new to the Traditional Mass there are many references on the website that will help you attend and love this Mass as I do. The Traditional Latin Mass is protected in perpetuity by the encyclical "Quo Primum" by St. Pope Pius V in 1570. God Bless you all.

Glenn Hinsdale
Glenn H Fr, Lasance Missal

Being a convert to the Holy Catholic Church and no knowledge of what was going on at the Latin Mass I needed a missal which would teach me as ;well as present the prayers and liturgy at Latin Mass. Fr. Lasance's Missal does this perfectly. It provides pictures and an explanation of what is happening during the Latin Mass and now I have a better appreciation for The Latin Mass which served the Church for so many years. I also was notified by the sellers that my intentions were prayed for in a Rosary. You cannot get that from Amazon and the prices for the Missal are better. Their website is most helpful also.

Steven Kehoe
Very pleased

I am heading to a monastery soon and needed a new missal and wanted to support Catholic companies with the last purchases I'll be making. Purchased a Baronius Press. It arrived quickly, they communicated all the steps, it is in great shape. I only wish the missal's Latin text was bigger but that was the typesetter's decision. In addition, they had a hand written note thanking me and they prayed a rosary for me. What more could you ask for? Definitely recommend this company.


What's the difference between 1962 and 1945 Missals?

For the most part, it's a personal preference. There are very few differences between the liturgical reforms of the 1945 and 1962 Latin Masses. The most prominent changes were during Holy Week, and the addition of St. Joseph's name to the Canon.

When will I receive my order?

All orders placed before 4PM ET (11AM Saturdays) are shipped the same day! From there, it depends on the shipping method (see shipping methods at checkout). Free shipping generally takes ~6 business days to arrive.

How do you guarantee the lowest price?

It's simple - if anyone is offering the same Missal for cheaper, we lower our prices. If you happen to find something cheaper, message us and we will beat it!

For the Baronius Press Missal (which can only be sold at the publisher's MSRP), we are the cheapest by virtue of the fact that we offer free shipping while other stores do not.

What packaging do the Missals ship in?

All Missals ship in bubble-wrapped and padded envelopes. There should be no issues with damaged Missals - but if there is - we would be happy to replace it for you. Just contact us!

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